Physicist (MSc, PhD; UPMC)
Behavioral Psychologist (PhD; LSE)
Work Psychologist (MSc; CNAM)

Human Factors Consultant
on nuclear power plant
Member-Researcher at the Laboratory for Research in Sciences of Energy

Member of the SEBE-Lab (LSE)

Experience & Training

Doctor in Physics Science,  Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC), Paris
Doctor in Behavioral Psychology, London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), London
Work Psychologist, National Conservatory of Arts & Trades (CNAM), Paris

Prix - Awards
☻"Innovation 2011" Trophy awarded by the Division of industrial support to production (DAIP-EDF)
for the coupling of maintenance and pilot simulators in nuclear power plant
☻"Synergy and Cooperation 2012"  
Trophy awarded by the Division of industrial support to production (DAIP-EDF)
for "Training managers to Human Performance tools".
☻Best Paper at the 3rd International Conference on Psychological Sciences and Behaviors, June 22-23, 2014, Moscow, Russia.
☻Inducted as 2017 "International Stress & Behavior Society" Fellow and Life Member during the 24th Int. Stress and Behavior Neurosc. & Biopsy. Conf.,  St. Petersburg, Russia.
Physics Sciences Human Sciences 
Member & co-fonder of the
LAboratory for Research in Sciences of ENergy  -

Human sciences and Engineering,
since 2001.

Exploitations and experimental data analysis. Contribution to expertise
and drafting of specialized works. Reflexion on the promotion of Physic
Sciences. Main studied field : thermohydraulics of gas-particles flows. 
Mains topics : thermohydraulics of two-phase flows.

Expert for the scientific challenge "Roberval" from 2005 to 2008.

1998-2003 :  Nuclear safety Expert at the Nuclear power plant
of Chinon.
Contribution to the management/anticipation of incidental or
accidental situations and to the safety of the installations.

1994- 1998 : Researcher at the Direction of the Studies
and Research d’EDF, Chatou
Activities of experimental and numerical research : development of research
programs (in collaboration with other laboratories), design and development
of adapted metrologies, exploitation and results analysis, design of software
for the treatment and modeling, management of a research team.
Fields of competence : thermodynamics, hydrodynamics, thermohydraulics
of two-phase flows (gas/particles and gas/liquid), ionizing radiations,

1988-1991 : Research work
National Center of Space Studies (CNES)
with the Thermal Physics Laboratory,
Associated Research Unit to the
French National Research Centre  (CNRS)
in the Physic and Chemistry Industrial Engineering School, Paris.
Experimental studies in collaboration with  :
- the European Company of Propulsion (SEP).
These studies have concerned cryotechnic two-phase flows (two-phase
instabilities) and ultra high frequencies waves : studies of instabilities in
the Ariane 4 launcher HM7B engine and application to the Ariane 5 launcher
Vulcain engine.

Consultant in Work Psychology since 2003
Work and management consulting, socio-organisational and human studies,
psychosociological analyses of work activities.
Within this framework and the one of the
LAboratory for Research in Sciences of ENergy since 2006 :
Studies on simulators for the control of complex systems
by restricted teams.

Member of LAboratory for Research in Sciences of ENergy -
Human sciences and Engineering,
since 2001.

Psycho-sociology : Study of the relationship between work clothes
and discrimination.
Work Psychology : Studies of the simulators for the control of nuclear engines,
airliners, medical acts.
Especially :
- analysis of the success factors for training sessions by simulation,
- study of the knowledge transfers from the simulated situation to the non-simulated
- study of stress in simulated situation (sources of stress, impact on the training,
induced behaviours and comparison with non-simulated situation),
- analysis of behaviour of event situations reproduced on simulators,
- development and adaptation of pedagogic steps on simulators.

PhFA at the control desk of a 
NPP 900MWe simulator
PhFA is testing a hybrid simulator,
reproduction ontouch screen of
a full scale interface of industrial process 

PhFA presenting his work at
the Power Plant Simulator Conference de San Diego



Expérience & Formation Expérience & Training Обучение и трудовой стаж 

Publication  - Publication Публикации 

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