The strength of EngHuS Consulting is to be involved not just in consulting, 
but also in teaching and research.

This provides a constant space of shares that helps us to always question ourselves 
and to be updated of innovative approaches.


Dr. Fauquet-Alekhine Philippe (Physicist, Work Psychologist)

Experience & Training  - Publication

Human Science:

Specialties: Simulation Training for complex socio-technical systems

Analysis, advice and support for training

Organizational analysis (decision making, risk management, crisis management)

Work activity analysis (video analysis of activities with auto or cross-confrontations, communication,

stress, computer science)


Specialties: Two-phase flows

Thermohydraulics & Hydrodynamics


Institute of Social-Psychology, LSE, London (UK)

Lab. for Research in Sc. of Energy, Montagret (France)

EngHus Consulting - Engineering & Human Science